What is PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)

Pay Per Click or PPC is the term used for online advertising, whereby advertisers pay for web presence based on user ‘clicks’ on their advert. Online Advertisers ‘bid’ for key words or phrases, which are frequently used by existing and potential target markets during searches.

Ads are often differentiated from general web searches via search engines as ‘sponsored ads or ‘sponsored links’. They are planned and displayed to be beneficial to users and web designers as well as the advertiser. They aim to follow ‘good’ digital etiquette, as they are less invasive than pop up and banner advertising.

PPC is a cost-effective method of gaining the attention of a wide target audience. Web designers strategically incorporate adverts to be noticed, mutually benefit the website and the advertiser. Opportunities for interaction with the business via PPC adverts create a two-way conversation with users, provides better customer experiences, and generates awareness and engagement.