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Building YOUR Digital Marketing Engine

By Tim Fairchild | Oct 16, 2017

Digital marketing requires the development of strategy and tactics to utilise your key resources successfully: People, time & money! It Involves integrated technical platforms with channels and tools to attract and develop relationships. This will provide opportunities to maximise customer experience; ultimately attracting, engaging and building customer loyalty and advocacy. Here are some key considerations…

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3 WordPress Plugins found to have critical flaws

By Bison Grid | Oct 5, 2017

The week beginning 2nd October 2017, developers of the WordFence plugin have found 3 plugins that had vulnerabilities in their code. This allowed malicious attackers to completely takeover websites where these 3 plugins were installed. The 3 plugins that have been compromised are: 1. Appointments by WPMU Dev. 2. Flickr Gallery by Dan Coulter. 3.…

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law firm website design inspiration for Clarke Willmott

Law Firm Website Design Inspiration

By Tim Fairchild | Oct 4, 2017

Working with inspiring law firm Clarke Willmott has driven the team at Bison Grid to build the next generation of legal website design. The key features of the new website had to include the following. Simple to find the right solicitors and services Easy to get in touch or ask for more information Easy to…

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Register your .UK domain before June 2019

By Bison Grid | Sep 15, 2017

Do you own a or domain? If so, you most likely will want to register the .UK domain name now or lose the rights for that domain name. In June 2014 the .UK registry introduced .UK as a shorter alternative domain name to or When this domain name was introduced any…

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WordPress Display Widgets Plugin found to be Malicious

By Bison Grid | Sep 14, 2017

The plugin “Display Widgets” for WordPress allowed users to display and hide certain widgets when certain conditions were met such as when a 404 code was returned or a post was in a specific category. However the plugin has recently found to have malicious code found hidden in its files. This malicious code was added…

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Digital Transformation for High Street E-commerce Business

By Tim Fairchild | Aug 31, 2017

We were asked by leading high street hair & skin specialist DestinationSkin to help them undertake a Digital Transformation of their e-commerce website. They had clear design concepts that needed turning in to a functional user interface that work across all devices using the WordPress web content management application and Woocommerce shopping cart system. The…

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Mobile-First Indexing

By Tim Fairchild | Aug 30, 2017

Google has, ever since its inception, indexed sites (how google looks at a site and decides when to make it appear for users when they type in certain searches) from the perspective of the desktop version/view of a website. However, often the same website can have very different looking websites for both desktop views of…

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Starting October 2017 Chrome will show a “NOT SECURE” warning for HTTP sites.

By Tim Fairchild | Aug 18, 2017

Starting October 2017, this year, Google Chrome will now display a “NOT SECURE” warning message whenever a user attempts to input data into a form on a HTTP protocol page. This warning will appear for for all HTTP pages and in Incognito mode. What this could potentially mean for HTTP sites is that customers could…

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Why should you have an authorised SSL certificate?

By Bison Grid | Aug 17, 2017

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate allows a website to use the HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol over the HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) protocol. HTTPS provides a secure, encrypted link between the user’s browser and the website, allowing for sensitive information such as bank details, to be transferred without the worry of…

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