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Server Response Time and Page Speed

Server response time and page speed are two different metrics, which both have a large impact on user experience and search rankings. Server response time also known as Time to First Byte (TTFB) is the total amount of time spent to receive the first byte of the response once it has been requested. It is…

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3 WordPress Plugins found to have critical flaws

The week beginning 2nd October 2017, developers of the WordFence plugin have found 3 plugins that had vulnerabilities in their code. This allowed malicious attackers to completely takeover websites where these 3 plugins were installed. The 3 plugins that have been compromised are: 1. Appointments by WPMU Dev. 2. Flickr Gallery by Dan Coulter. 3.…

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Register your .UK domain before June 2019

Do you own a or domain? If so, you most likely will want to register the .UK domain name now or lose the rights for that domain name. In June 2014 the .UK registry introduced .UK as a shorter alternative domain name to or When this domain name was introduced any…

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